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SINOCONST Chinese corporation to invest in Belarusian agro-industrial complex

Joint Belarusian-Chinese enterprise JSC SP ABC-Invest will implement an investment project for the comprehensive modernization of agricultural production in Minsk region. The initiators of the joint venture became public corporation of the People's Republic of SINOCONST and peasant (farmer) economy ABC-Agro.

The total value of the investment projects is 15.6 million USD involving Chinese foreign credit lines in the volume of 12 million USD for 14 years. Direct investments of SINOCONST Corporation will amount to about 2-3 million USD.

It is planned to reconstruct and technically re-equip the pig farm with a closed cycle of production with the capacity of 11,500 heads per year, construct the department of animal feed with extrusion with the capacity of 3 tons per hour, reconstruct and re-equip the meat processing plant with capacity of 5 tons, as well as re-equip the grocery store and bar in Molodechno .

“KFH ABC-Agro has positive experience of the reproduction and fattening of pigs for 10 years. Over the entire period of the production activity of the company is profitable and profitable,” said head of ABC-Agro Vladimir Artyukevich. “This investment project is aimed at improving life in the countryside. We plan to open 105 new jobs in Molodechno and Vileyka districts. I can say with confidence that this project is profitable and pays off, has a high efficiency and competitiveness. I note that during the modernization it is planned to use progressive innovative resource-saving technologies, which have not been previously used in Belarus,” said Artyukevich.

Machinery Industry Construction Group Inc. (SINOCONST) enters Sinomash Corporation and is one of the oldest and largest state-owned construction enterprises in China. The company was founded in September 1953. With the participation of SINOCONST hundreds of large and medium-sized key projects in various sectors were implemented, such as machinery, metallurgy, electric power, chemical, petroleum, electronics, light industry, radio and television, the environment, construction, etc.

In Belarus SINOCONST as a contractor of engineering brands SAMS Engineering and CITIC Construction is involved in the construction of a cement plant, Svetlogorsk pulp and board plant, automobile factory Beldzhi in Zhodino, a large hotel and business complex with a tennis center in Minsk.