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Belarus Forum “Broadening the horizons: investment, finance, development”

Dear colleagues and partners!

I am pleased to inform you that on September 29-30, 2016 Minsk will host Belarus Forum “Broadening the horizons: investment, finance, development”.

We observe significantly increased interest from international and regional financial institutions to extend or renew its presence in Belarus. Against the background of this interest it is extremely important in the current year to offer them specific areas of cooperation and projects which, on the one hand, would be beneficial for Belarus, on the other hand, would comply with the requirements of such institutions. This means that practical discussion between international financial institutions, private foreign investors, representatives of the government, banks, and other Belarusian institutions is of high importance. Just that very open and constructive dialogue is important to create the necessary conditions for the start of a number of new directions and projects supported by international and foreign financial resources.

We are confident that through the organization of an open dialogue our Forum will be the starting point for numerous investment projects and the launch of the most interesting business ideas.

I invite you to become part of the future success stories and look forward to seeing you at the Forum!


Natallia Nikandrava

Director of the National Agency
of Investment and Privatization
Belarus Forum is:
  • the first investment forum with the participation of governmental authorities, international financial institutions, private foreign investors, experts and Belarusian business;
  • an event organized at the state level;
  • information on investments and the economy in Belarus, information on opportunities to participate in international financing from at first hand;
  • a meeting place for representatives of the Government of the Republic of Belarus with international financial institutions and foreign companies;
  • real success stories of the companies that do business in Belarus with the support of international financial institutions.
Goal The main aim wwithin the framework of an open dialogue between representatives of international financial institutions, private foreign investors, the Belarusian authorities, national business and the expert community is to discuss relevant aspects of investment cooperation, attract the attention of potential investors to Belarus as a promising investment site, as well as to develop a road map that will set the main directions of the agreed actions to improve the institutional environment for the expansion of opportunities for investment and funding, which will contribute to the development of public and private sector of the Belarusian economy.
Target audience International and foreign financial institutions, investment funds, private foreign investors, technical assistance funds that finance the Belarusian economy, as well as funds that plans to begin the process of funding or significantly expand their programs in the Republic of Belarus, the authorities, the expert community.
Minsk, Belarus
Time 29-30 September, 2016 (Thursday, Friday)
Registartion To become a member of the Belarusian Forum in Minsk, you need to complete a registration form. To access the registration form, please click here
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