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10 FAQs about starting a business

Here we have answered the 10 most often questions of foreign investors addressing the Agency.

1. What projects are offered to investors?

You could search for available investment projects in our database or address the Agency.

2. In which sectors and regions do investors receive governmental support?

3. How can I visit Belarus to study investment opportunities?

We can help organise your visit, please contact us at mail@investinbelarus.by

Foreign citizens can also receive information about visa support at the diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Belarus in the countries of their citizenship.

The list of documents and other detailed information in relation to visa support of foreign citizens is available on the site of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

An investor may apply for a visa:

of type C – short-term and valid for 90 days issued, among others, for a business trip.

The consular fee for the short-term visa (type C) is listed below:

  • 60 euros for a single-entry visa;
  • 90 euros for a double-entry visa;
  • 120 euros for a multiple-entry visa.

of type D – long-term, valid up to 1 year, providing the right to stay for up to 90 days unless otherwise provided for by the international treaties of the Republic of Belarus.

  • A visa may be issued to support business ties, among others.
  • The consular fee for the long-term multiple-entry visa (type D) is 150 euros.
  • The citizens of the following countries possessing valid travel documents proving citizenship may visit the Republic of Belarus without obtaining a visa: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tajikistan, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Cuba (up to 30 days, except working visas and permanent residence permits), Venezuela (up to 90 days without the right to engage in commercial or other paid activities), Serbia (up to 30 days).

The foreign investors who have invested at least one hundred and fifty thousand euros into in the territory of the Republic of Belarus can apply for a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Belarus.

4. Which forms of companies are popular in Belarus?

The most popular forms of companies with foreign investments in Belarus are the following:

  • limited liability company (LLC);
  • unitary company (Private Enterprise);
  • closed joint-stock company (SA).


Form of company

Number of participants (natural and legal persons)

Minimal capital requiremets

Limited liability company

From 2 to 50

(a bill is being discussed to provide far a limited liability company with a single participant)

There are no minimum requirements

Unitary company


There are no minimum requirements

Closed joint-stock Company

From 2 to 50

(a bill is being discussed to provide for a limited liability company with a single participant)

100 base units (which is 1,250 US dollars approximately)

5. How to form a company in the Republic of Belarus?

The companies are registered in Belarus on the day of application on “one-stop shop” basis.

Step 1: Check the availability and register the name of the company;

Step 2: Find an office and determine the place of business;

Step 3: Take a formal decision on incorporation and prepare company bylaws;

Step 4: Pay the authorised capital (fund) of the company;

Step 5: Submit the documents for state registration.

6. How may I open a representative office in the territory of the Republic of Belarus?

The foreign company shall apply to Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and obtain authorization to open its representative office on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Detailed information about opening representative offices

7. What are the main taxes for businesses in Belarus?

There are several taxation regimes in Belarus including standard tax regime and special regimes.

Standard tax regime provides for the payment of the following taxes in 2015:



Profit tax 


Capital gains tax


Taxation of profits of affiliates in the case of rendering into the parent organization 


The tax rates on income of foreign organizations, which do not operate in the Republic of Belarus through a permanent representation:


Payment for transportation and freight (including demurrage and other charges arising from transportation) in connection with the implementation of international transportation, as well as for the provision of freight forwarding services


Incomes from debt obligations of any kind, including incomes on credits, loans, income from securities, in the terms of issue of which the obtaining of funds in the form of interest (discount) is provided, income from the use of temporarily idle funds in bank accounts in the Republic of Belarus 


Dividend income 


Income in the form of royalties, income from licenses and other income according to the list defined by the legislation 


Value added tax 


Property tax 


Compulsory insurance premiums:


Compulsory social insurance in case of a retirement, disability and loss of the breadwinner (pension insurance) 


Compulsory insurance contributions in case of temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth, and so on



The more detailed information about taxation in 2015 is available at the website of the Ministry for Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus.

8. Is it possible privately to own land in Belarus? 

There is a private land ownership in Belarus and the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, non-governmental legal persons of the Republic of Belarus, foreign countries and international organisations may acquire the land according to the legislation of Belarus.

Foreign citizens, stateless persons can inherit the land which was privately owned by their relatives unless other has been provided by the legislation.

9. How much does it cost to rent office premises?

The average rental rate including VAT per month for office space in business centers in Minsk in euro per square mete is as follows: Class A — 22 euros / sq m; class B — 14 euros; class C — 9 euros. The main demand for office space is concentrated in the price range of 10-15 euros.

10. What is the average salary in Belarus?

The average monthly salary in May 2016 was about $369.