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Sale of shares

Investors are invited to consider the purchase of shares of Belarusian companies that are offered for sale this year.

In respect of the republican property type (shares owned by the government) the sale of shares is conducted by the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus. The respective lists of companies offering their shares for sale at auction and by tender are published on the Committee’s website.

The sale of shares of communal property type is held by local executive committees. The corresponding lists of joint-stock companies are put on the website below.

Investors interested in purchasing the shares of Belarusian enterprises are provided with assistance of the National Agency of Investment and Privatization.

Brest region:

Brest Building Materials Plant OJSC
Polesie OJSC

Vitebsk region:

Glubokoe Poultry Farm OJSC
Hoztorg Vitebsk OJSC
Vitebsk interregional repair enterprise OJSC
Vitebskmyasomolprom OJSC
Vitrembyt OJSC

Gomel region:

Altair OJSC
Braginagroservis OJSC
Braginka OJSC
Visavitorg OJSC
Gomelkhimservis OJSC
Hotel Complex Zhlobin OJSC
Kalinkovichitorg OJSC
Mormal OJSC
Raybytuslugi OJSC
Rogachevski Agroservice OJSC
Kodru Belarusian-Moldavian Joint Public Company

Grodno region:

Kontakt OJSC
Volkovysk repair and construction enterprise №1 OJSC
Hozyayushka OJSC

Minsk City:

Belgran OJSC
Minskdrev OJSC

Minsk region:

FALICHI Farming company LLC
Minskvodstroy Zaslavl OJSC
Shatski Mechanical Plant OJSC

Mogilev region:

Remservice OJSC
Garant OJSC
Mogilev repair plant OJSC
Mogilevsortsemovosh OJSC