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The terms of information using posted on the website of the State Institution “National Agency for Investment and Privatization”


General Provisions

1. The information posted on the website «investinbelarus.by» (hereinafter — the site) of the State Institution “National Investment and Privatization Agency” (hereinafter — the Agency), can be used only when all the requirements comply to the Terms of Use (hereinafter — conditions).

2. The Using of the site information of the Agency deemed as an acceptance with the requirements of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with these Terms, please refrain to use such information.

3. These Terms may be changed by the Agency in any time. Changed conditions will be in a force from the date of posting on this site.


The terms regulating information using:

1. The information and information materials are defined as reduction, messages, data, regardless of its format and attribution to the results of intellectual activity, including (but not limited to): article, text, headlines, images, video, soundtrack, illustrations except for the objects where the holder`s rights sources are the third parties, as well as website design (hereinafter — information).

2. The Agency is the entity which is a rightholder of self-created or received information and also the institution which lawfully entitled to allow or restrict access for using an information published on the site « investinbelarus.by»

3. All resources of this site which includes the text and graphical content, structure and page layout, design, selection, grouping and arrangement of the materials are the intellectual properties of the Agency of the Republic of Belarus whose exclusive rights are owned and protected by the law

4. The access to the information posted on the Agency's website is free and available for all the persons who visit and / or use the Site.

5. The information on this site is intended solely for personal and non-commercial use.

6. It`s forbidden to use any available information on the site for commercial purposes.

7. This information is not allowed to be processed, except for the reduction of text materials. The reduction of the textual material is permitted only when the extent does not distort its meaning. The amendment and / or processing of the graphic materials are not allowed.

8. When you copying materials from our site, we ask you to comply the following conditions: each material must be accompanied by an active link to our website as the source of the holder`s rights  of the information in order as follows :

8.1. when using the data on any physical medium (paper, film, etc.) in each case of use – must be mentioned “Source: investinbelarus.by»;

8.2.when using electronic information (website, electronic file, etc.), in each case, must be inserted a hyperlink to the home page and the page of appropriate material «investinbelarus.by»;

8.3. when used in print media –must be mentioned the name of the right holder of the information in the form of designation and the date of publication;

8.4. when used during a radio, television, video programs – must be mentioned the name of the right holder of the information.

9. The using of the information from secondary sources, in which there is reference to the holder of the information as to the source of information is possible only with reference to the original information in accordance with paragraph 8.

10. In the case of violation of any conditions, alone or in any combination thereof, the Agency reserves the right to protect it`s legitimate rights and interests by any legal means, including the courts.

11. The Agency is not responsible for any loss or damage (loss of profit or any direct, indirect, consequential, special or similar damages at all), resulting from:

  • any failure of the information system;
  • any decision or action made ​​on the basis of the received information.

12. The Agency is not responsible for the direction and activities of the other sites which are accessible from our site by a hyperlink.