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Belarus and China to create robot co-production

Belarus and China plan to create a joint production of robots, said Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to China Kirill Rudy during the visit of the Chinese parliamentary delegation headed by Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Zhang Dejiang to China-Belarus Industrial Park Great Stone.

“An interesting project is being worked out — joint creation of robots to extinguish fires, eliminate emergency incidents. The Chinese and Belarusian companies are negotiating. Such production is planned to be opened if not in our Industrial Park, then somewhere in Belarus,” said Kirill Rudy.

It is planned to create the subpark of LED production in Great Stone Industrial Park. “Guangdong, Minsk region twin city, is the world's largest supplier of LED production. They would like to place the production here in order to export the products to the EU. Negotiations are conducted. Four companies have made the decision at the moment, but in future the subpark will definitely grow,” the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to China declared. 

“By the end of the year it is expected that the number of the Industrial Park residents will increase to 20, 10 of which will start construction, and 5 will have already started production in the Park,” Alexander Yaroshenko, the head of the China-Belarus Industrial Park Administration said. It is planned to sign the contract of residence with the Austrian company Kronospan, the next project of which will be implemented on the territory of the industrial park, he also added. 

“Also the consideration should be given to the American company that specializes in laser equipment production. Both of them are going to attract investment for about $30 million. Besides, these companies intend to buy out the land on the territory of the Industrial Park, while the others only lease it,” the head of the administration of the Industrial Park added. 

Alexander Yaroshenko told about the Chinese companies that are to be attracted to the Industrial Park. “Unmanned aerial vehicles are to be produced here. Negotiations with NAS of Belarus are taking place because our Chinese partners are really interested in scientific developments. And the diesel units company conducts very active collaboration with the Minsk automobile plant. Joint projects are beneficial for the development of our enterprises,” he emphasized. 

Kirill Rudy noted that the Industrial Park is one of the three international projects to which special attention is paid in China. “It is not just our collaborative project; this is the China and Belarus friendship project. For the Great Stone development we should make efforts together,” he said. 

“This is our common cause,” emphasized Zhang Detszyan, the Chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, during his visit to the Park. The People's Republic of China parliamentary delegation headed by the chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee visited several objects of Great Stone, including the substation — the main source of power supply, and also the trade and logistic center. 

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