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Latvian investor to expand wood goods production half as much in Braslav

“Foreign Enterprise Belkokslat plans to increase approximately half as much the production of wood products by reactivation the former carpool in Braslav, which the investor bought at the auction in the Vitebsk State Property Fund for almost Br170,” said director of the company Vladimir Fedorov.

The new property owner plans to change the speciality of the site for wood production, equipping it with specialized equipment, including drying chambers. This will expand the range of products through the development of new types of decoration materials, building wood products of more in-depth processing. The implementation of the project will require the creation of at least 10 new jobs, and their total number will increase by almost 20%.

The woodworking enterprise established in the district center with the participation of the Latvian capital is export-oriented, which share in the total production is up to 90%, mainly in the Baltic countries, Germany and Belgium. The decisive factor when buying the property was its location in close proximity to the company's main production site in Braslav.

Source: BelTA