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First stage of industrial and logistics complex near Orsha to be introduced in 2018

Vasily Dementey, said that the first stage of the project of the multimodal industrial and logistic Bremino-Orsha complex in Orshansky region will be put into operation at the beginning of 2018. 

Bremino group realizes this major project with the state support provided by Decree No. 334 of July 21, 2015. Its implementation is planned in three stages till 2023. At that moment on the ground near the settlement of Bolbasovo, the internal highway construction is coming to an end and the networks and communications installation begins, which is necessary for the whole complex. The first stage of construction includes erection of an office building of 2 800 q.m, a warehouse (10 400 sq.m), and also a parking for trucks with over 200 places, parking for cars with 22 places. The second stage is calculated till 2021 and implies construction of facilities of a logistic zone. At the final stage (2021-2023) it is necessary to create objects of a commerce and industry zone, facilities and communication lines for industrial production. 

In the future, on this prospective groundmore than 400 jobs can be created, which will favorably affect the local labor market. The total project cost is estimated at 226 million US dollars. Financing is supposed to be carried by own resorces, and also the attraction of the banking credits and resources of investors. Potential residents of Bremino-Orsha are forwarding companies, mail operators and services of express delivery, manufacturing enterprises of various sectors. 

Implementation of the investment project will make it possible to accelerate creation of the logistic infrastructure in Belarus, to increase transit attractiveness of the country and its logistic potential, and also to increase inflow of currency arrivals and tax payments to the budget. 

Except the project implementation in Orshansky region, Bremino Group puts into operation a transport and logistic center of Bremino-Bruzgi directly on boundary with the European Union in December of this year (border crossing of Bruzgi — Kuznitsa Bialystok). The center will consist of a customs control zone with a cargo parking on 250 places, a warehouse complex of 10 000 sq.m, a business center with a customs clearance office, a hotel and other service objects. Lately the company will start implementation of the similar project in Berestovitsa of Grodno region (Berestovits's border crossing — Bobrovniki). 

Source: BelTA