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Business unions of Belarus, Estonia, Malta to set up common website

The business unions of Belarus, Estonia, and Malta plan to set up a common online portal to share business proposals and know-how.

The Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named after Professor M.S. Kunyavsky, the Estonian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (EVEA) and the Malta Chamber of SMEs (GRTU) signed an agreement on long-term cooperation. The document guarantees additional assistance to entrepreneurs in establishing business contacts and information about doing business terms in the three countries.

“Estonia has a lot to offer to Belarusian businessmen. These, first of all, are our unique digital services to conduct business in the EU,” EVEA Vice President Marina Kaas said during the signing ceremony.

“We are looking forward to starting a new stage of cooperation. This project opens up great opportunities for Belarusian, Maltese and Estonian companies provided they work together,” GRTU representative Noel Gauci said.

“Establishing business ties with Estonia and Malta means additional opportunities for the Belarusian business in attracting investment and developing foreign trade. We count on the building of a partner business network between entrepreneurs of Belarus, Malta, and Estonia,” said Dmitry Dichkovsky, co-Chairman of the Board Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named after Professor M.S. Kunyavsky.

The business unions of the three countries have started developing cooperation as part of the East Invest 2 project supported by the European Commission within the Eastern Partnership initiative.

Source: BelTA